Beat Boxes

Check out Real Composition's Beat Boxes down below!! The unTagged versions of the beat box contains bonus beats!! Beat Box[one] unTagged comes with 4 BONUS BEATS!!
This is the best bang for your buck that Real Composition has to offer!!
From Ride Out beats to Chill Cruise beats, find all the beats you need to go for a ride through the city and highways..

Beat Box Catalogue

Beatpack Deals
Below are the beatBox combos we have here at real composition.
Get up to and around half off on multiple beats, and maybe even find bonuses in some of these beatBoxes!!
if you like multiple beats from it's catalogue, might as well grab the beat box and get more beats for the same price!!

[For us to properly assist and serve you, if you decide to buy any beats from us, kindy sign up for an account first in the member's page of the website, or the log in bar at the top of the page. This will make it easier to track your orders and for you to have a record of your orders. Also, should you lose the beats you purchased through losing/breaking your computer, reformatting your computer, etc., you will still be able to re-download your beat(s) at any time, as long as you can log into your account.]