Exclusive Beats

One of a Kind Exclusive Beats!!
Here's the Exclusive Beats in Real Composition's Sound Vault.
For Maximized Personalization for your track, these beats are perfect since only one artist/label may order per beat!! Once bought the first time, no one may ever buy them again...

Beat Catalogue

Here's where you can choose a beat to order and purchase below. Don't forget to read all the details and info in each product page as it holds important instructions and descriptions of the beats.

So when you click on a beat below you will still be able to double check if you picked the right beat through the video on each respective product pages.

[For us to properly assist and serve you, if you decide to buy any beats from us, kindy sign up for an account first in the member's page of the website, or the log in bar at the top of the page. This will make it easier to track your orders and for you to have a record of your orders. Also, should you lose the beats you purchased through losing/breaking your computer, reformatting your computer, etc., you will still be able to re-download your beat(s) at any time, as long as you can log into your account.]