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Check out the Real Composition Network and get to know the community. Hear from Io Estoo Nati himself in the Forum, learn about Real Composition and its founder, Io Estoo Nati, in the Blog, and personalize your Member Profile in the Members section!!.. That's if you created a membership in the website =D

Find artists to team up with, share ideas and advice, and just get inspiration sharing each others songs and stories. Enjoy your musical adventure with Real Composition's Network Area!!

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Notebook and Pen


Learn more and be updated about Real Composition and its founder, Io Estoo Nati here at the Blog!! See what's in store that Estoo Nati will share about his musical journey while you set out to travel in yours.

Members Area

Here's the Members Area where you can create an account with Real Composition, check out other member's profiles, and even customize your own! Network with other musicians to create something amazing!!

DJ's Crowd
Singing Duo

Book Online

Plan your Next Song with Real Composition by Booking a Call with s2 Nati.

Go over key elements and details over the phone for the most efficiency.

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