Major Update to the Real Composition Website!!
5.22.2022 May 12th, 2022

There's been a Major Update to our Real Composition Website!!

A lot of organization, redesigning, and uploads to the beat store!!

If you're an artists looking for the next beat to vibe to,

>>Check out are beat store by Clicking Here<<

There are now EXCLUSIVE ONLY BEATS available, so you're Guaranteed that No One will Have Those Beats Before You, and Definitely Not After!!

s2 Nati has released some cool new music too!!

>>If you wanna check out s2 Nati's music, Click Here<<

Keep in touch for more music!! More Songs and More Beats to come!! Just Imagine what's still Unreleased!!

Call for New Times

Update to the Real Composition website!!!

There has been a complete revamp of Estoo Nati's "Real Composition" website, with more evolution to come!!!

Real Composition is getting slightly bigger as a group, so stay tuned to what we have in store!!

Expect a car or two in there =).

io Estoo Nati's Song Preview 
5.10.2020 May 10th, 2020

Here's a video of io Estoo Nati's latest release, "Pick Whatso.'"

You just see him stepping back and forth while his song plays in the background in this Instagram link below,

-Pickwhatso' Instagram Post Link-

You can see his Instagram post of the video if you click that link above. Make sure you turn on the music!!


Let us know if you liked the song!!


Went by fast this fine day here.... good times, but....mann......


Forum and Blog Coming Soon
5.11.2020 May 10th, 2020

Real Composition will be having a forum and a blog coming soon, and here we'd be happy to see everyone's art!!! Keep in touch if you're thinking of joining when this get's set up!!!