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Goodbye- Letting Go of the Past

The world is split with everyone separated. Those you saw often before, you now often never see, or straight up just never seen them. Thinking of whether you'll see them again might bring hopeful thoughts or fears that so much time would have passed by then, if things will be different between them.

Nothing's ever the same these days. Not when you see someone you haven't seen in a minute, and not if you see the same people every day. Too many have faked and snaked their way into the world I live in. I don't think I can ever go back to seeing things the way they once were, not since a year ago.

But now there's opportunities to set off to a new adventure, one with less responsibilities that shouldn't have been yours to begin with. Load off some extra burden to carry the next treasures you'll find on your life journeys. No need to dwell in the past when the past behind you never had your back in front of it.

I've paid too much attention to dramas and snakery, I got distracted from what I really wanted to focus on paying attention to. I wasn't able to approach my main goals as proper as I'd like to think I did, and as much as I can't put the blame on the drama on the outside, I did have my fair share of unnecessary responsibilities; things I never should have helped with to begin with.

What I do agree on is that if I just left everything alone and let it be rather than fixing it, I coulda avoided problems of something I've been trying to mend. Why fix something that wants to stay broken I guess eh??

So that's my fault for trying to be a hero, as it is my fault I let all this happen in the near past. Now, I can move forward and leave a burden behind, carry only necessary responsibilities to make room for the next treasures I may find in my journeys to come...

Goodbye to the past and Hello to the present, if only to set up the future...

'Goodbye' by me, Io Estoo Nati, dropping on Saturday February 5th, 2022.

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