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Struggles to Paper

As much as you can control, there's others that can too.

Sometimes your control can be conflicted by someone else's.

How you react will shape that instance and how it ends.

But even though the event passed, its memory might linger in your mind...

How long it stays seems uncontrollable...


When you make a song it's typically a Soundwave of an Emotion captured to replay.

Going through struggles birthed many classically iconic songs, so now's a good time to hit the pen and write.

When the unfortunate event just happened, it's hard to really write a proper song.

It becomes more specific and it's all you can write about.

In cases like that, it's best to take a day or two to walk it off. But there's something you can do to not waste that feeling.

Take notes in a journal of Main Points or Phrases relating to what happened.

Things like if it was betrayal, disrespect, etc.

Under the main points, write Sub-points in Words or Phrases, and document it.

Continue your one to two days to Walk Off the Experience.

After you clear the smoke in your head, now's the time to write a song.

Open up those notes of that event and keep it beside you.

Use it as a reference, and as you do you can filter the specifics and keep your writing more general.

Writing Songs are really appreciated by how one relates to the music.

Writing lyrics in anger can make your song too specific to the event, narrowing the general audience of who relates to it.

If you want to Keep the Event's Inspiration, write notes instead of lyrics,

then write songs with it when you cleared your mind.

Now you'll have full control on making the Perfect Track!!

This Songwriting Tip was inspired from a conversation between me and my old friend, J-Geezy.

We're currently working on a track, a few to be exact, and it was very anger induced in the song writing.

My original chorus for the track was a bit to specific. I rewrote it to be more Entertaining and Relatable compared to the Dark and Direct vibe the original had.

After a meet up while I explained why I changed the chorus, J-Geezy said he noticed it was very specific as I stated it was "not very general."

Having the same idea about it, we had a conversation about our experiences writing after an incident, and both pretty much agree with this whole blog post.

Catch him on his website here below:

Check his and his homie's latest track here, "Bling Bling"!!:

I'm not the only one that can kill the mic, you'll agree when you hear his tracks!!


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