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Roll it Out [track]Outs - Real Composition

Roll it Out [track]Outs - Real Composition

SKU: MoOn-0005-RoItOu-ToB

It's not always a cruel world, 'cause sometimes the day can be happy. You can feel it with this beat, whether you're chillin' after succeeding or just happy it's a sunny day.

You won't have to think about any problems in life while listening to this beat.

  • Important Information

    In this zip file you will have access to the WAV file of the beat for song production, the MP3 file of the beat for streaming and references (mainly for playback in your phone or music device while you write lyrics to it), track outs for the beat for furthur personalization with capabilities of mixing and sound edits, and last but very important, a PDF file of the Contract allowing you to use this beat, and informing you on how you may use this beat.

    Be sure to print the Beat License Contract's PDF file, print the date indicating the "effective date," print your name on the line indicating as the "Licensee," and sign at the bottom indicating the signature of the "Licensee."

    For furthur saftey and documentation of having rights to this beat, we encourage you to e-mail the Complete SIGNED DOCUMENT to this e-Mail as follows: 

    These instructions are for the safety of you as the artist or label to be able to create new musical compositions without any problems including, but not limited to, legal issues, confusion of who has rights to which beat, and other problems caused by the loss or breach of the Beat License Contract.

    We're here to help artists create songs with our beats, not to take away that privilege due to misunderstandings and/or misuse of our beats. Please do not ignore this information so we may serve you to the best of our capabilities.

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