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Rigid Tears Dropped - s2 Nati

Lingering Hope

A year's passed since the Era of "Rigid Tears."

A Lot has Changed in Both Worlds Alike,
as even though they differ,
they are still Side by Side.

Knowing that, Hope Seems to Arise in the Depths of the Journey...
Did she get the sent message..?

"Rigid Tears Dropped" is the Cry of Rigid Tears, when the Tears Drop and are starting to fizzle away.

Tears Dropped Not Because of Love..,

But for the Cry of War that's being hungered for, but can't be fed in this world...

The Split between Right and Wrong caused by the Attention from the Kind Girl,
conflicted by the Urge to Fight the Wrong.

"Was I waiting, or was she..?"
-s2 Nati, personal quote

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