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Terms of Use

Agreement Necessary in Order to Use this Website


Information collected on this website of visitors will not be shared to anyone.

All information collected (via the Site's Cookies, Messages, e-Mails, Site Chat, Placing orders on merch [CDs, Music Downloads, Clothing, and etc.], or social media connections) will not be used for sale, nor as free information.

Please bear in mind that posting something on the forum or blog sections of this website will be revealed to the thread's specific privacy setting [public or members only].

Visitors have the option to stop cookies.


By becoming a member of the website, you agree to the following.

Posting Rules:

-You must stay on topic of the original post when commenting. I understand rooting out to other sub-topics may happen, so comments will be reviewed to see if they stray to far, or if they are close enough to the topic.

-Posts must be in their proper categories. You must post in categories with similarities within the category title and description to what you wish to post.

-Abusive and foul language are not condoned on this website. Please keep that away from your words and speak properly in cases of disagreements. It is best to come to a middle ground, and better to just drop the topic completely and move on. Thanks for understanding.

Use your Own Words:

-Plagiarizing is not permitted. If you need to use what someone other than yourself has said [article, song lyrics, video, book, social media post, etc.], give credit to who originally said or created what you're quoting. This can easily be done by simply stating who said those words. Don't be afraid of saying something you would have said regardless of whether someone on this planet has already said it or not. As long as you don't steal someone else's art calling it your own, speak comfortably as yourself and who you are, in your own words.

Community Agreement:

-Respect everyone's privacy, no matter who they are. Do not reveal anyone's personal information including your own. Do not ask anyone for their personal information either. Stick to the topic of the forum section, forum post, and/or blog post. Any bypassing this term in anyway is not allowed [bypassing as in asking for someone's information even if it may relate to the topic/conversation, or even quoting someone's words crediting them when they do not wish to be quoted and/or have their name revealed]. Ask permission before quoting a private individual, and if you're allowed to quote, come to terms with them whether they wish to be credited, or if it's alright for them to not be credited for the sake of privacy. In cases where the original artist/speaker wishes to be credited but with an alias, make it clear if that's what they want and what alias they wish to be referred to as.

Do not post pictures or videos of anyone that does not approve of it. Refrain from posting pictures of any individual altogether, as is might cause problems regardless of whether they are a private individual or a public figure. [No bypassing this by posting pictures or videos of a group of individuals, as that just makes them multiple individuals resulting in a breach of these terms.]



-Offensive, Abusive, Inappropriate, and Foul Language within usernames are not permitted. They will be denied a creation of the account until the username is changed to an appropriate one. Should an account be found breaking these standards even after the account has been made, the username will be changed to a default username and a message will be sent informing the account holder. They may then message back with a new username they wish to use, and it will be processed from there.

-Offensive, Abusive, Inappropriate, and foul language in posts are not permitted. Posts breaking this rule will be deleted, and the account will be suspended, blocked, deleted, or given a warning for each occurrence of the broken rule, depending on how frequent or how extreme the post breaks this rule. The occasional use of foul language without negative intentions don't result to account restrictions, but merely the word or phrase will be censored. If it gets to be too frequent, an e-mail will be sent reminding to refrain from using those words. Depending on the response, the results in a case like this may or may not lead to account restrictions.

There's no pressure with these e-mails, as we are all alive to be influenced and have impressions. As I may leave an impression on you, my impression of you may be influenced by how you respond. In the case of an understanding, you're account will be fine and not be penalized. The whole point of this is people of all ages have access to this website. I do not wish for them to see foul language when they visit the website for influence reasons, though I do understand certain urges to swear. As I am somewhat tolerant about it, please still refrain from cursing and foul language, as I will censor it regardless of negative or positive intention.


Be Appropriate:

-No inappropriate media allowed [via upload or links being shared.] This includes articles, pictures, audio, and/or video. Profile pictures are included in this restriction. Anyone with an inappropriate profile picture will have their account deleted until picture is changed. An e-mail will be sent regarding this action. The issue will be worked out by e-mail until the rules are followed, or the member is denied/has abandoned membership of the website. Posts/comments breaking this rule will be deleted and the defying member's action(s) will be noted down for future reference, and/or may have their account deleted.

Rules to Posting Your Art:

-When sharing links to your artwork in the "Network" pages of the website, PLEASE FOLLOW THE TERMS OF USE within your art posts. It's understood that music may have profanity, but BASIC/USUAL foul language in shared songs are exempted from the terms as long as they don't break any other term [inappropriate media and offensive and/or abusive language within audio or cover art fall under the terms you must not break within your song posts].

Please post your art within the appropriate threads using the comments. Do NOT create a new thread with your post, as it will be deleted and member will be informed to repost it in the comments.


Account Responsibilities:

-No sharing accounts. Only use your own account and no one else's. Each person may only have one account unless allowed/instructed by the admin. Do not give your account information to anyone else [username, password, etc.]. Only original account holders can use their respective account.

-No fake accounts. Any accounts suspected of being fake because of illegitimate looking e-Mails, illegitimate looking names, and/or illegitimate looking usernames may be either questioned of authenticity by e-Mail, or just deleted immediately as soon as discovered.

Consequences and Conclusion:


Failure to agree with these terms will result to post deletion, temporary to permanent restrictions to your account, and/or deletion of your account. If things happen you did not mean, and you feel sorry about those actions, feel free to send me an email and say sorry explaining your actions you're feeling guilty of. I will get back to you and see what we can do.

Closing notes:

Terms of Use may change at any point in time, but members will all get told about these changes by either a posting on the forum or by e-mail.

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