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Music to Cruise, a Sound to Ride Out

Music, Word Composition, Basketball Art

Some days you Hit the Road with the sun up high, windows dropped to feel the wind. Then you Get that Call, where your homie needs you, so you Ride Out...

Your Deepest Thoughts manifest into your current emotion, so you pull up.

But when they Can't Touch You, there's nothing stopping you from Rising Up.

Time to cruise home victorious...

If you're hearing s2 Nati's songs or making tracks to Real Composition's Beats, this is the Roller Coaster you'll ride with Real Composition Music.

-Start the Ride Below.-


If you're gonna go on a Cruise, hit the Road for a Trip, Ride Out, or just Drive Home, Real Composition's Founder, s2 Nati has any and all those type of songs for you to hear!! Bump some Car Tunes whenever you hop in your ride, especially to Pull Up to a Ball Court!!

Everything from unTagged Beats to Track Outs, Beat Boxes to EXCLUSIVE BEATS, Real Composition has the perfect beats for Venting your Anger, Expressing your Deep Thoughts, Rising Up in Victory, and don't forget, Ballin' Up!!

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Get to Know Real Composition's Founder, s2 Nati, in the Blog. Become a Member and Keep Track of your Musical Purchases whether it is Beats or Songs.


Get the Latest Real Composition Gear Here!! Rock the Water Drop or Wolf to keep you warm with our jackets and fashion. 


Image by Huma Kabakci
s2 Nati All White Portrait

Learn about the Origins of Real Composition and its founder, s2 Nati, Previously Known As io Estoo Nati. It's a long read, but spells out the beginning of s2 Nati's Musical Journey into starting up Real Composition.

Get the Latest News from Real Composition, and of course, its founder s2 Nati!! Latest Songs, Events, Beat Store Updates, and More are told about here!!

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See Through the Eyes of Music

Real Composition Music has a Sound for the Road to Ball Courts. Its Sound is lead by its founder, s2 Nati, creating music good for Any Route to Cruise and Every Game of Basketball.

A Basketball Game is like a battle to s2 Nati, where "Things Happen" and "Thoughts are Made" that differs every game. This Journey found in many of s2 Nati's Ball Games had enough character to write whole songs about.

Whether it's defeating his opponent or hearing the girl cheering on the side of his ball games, the Progression of Basketball Games inspire much of s2 Nati's songs and Real Composition's beats.

If it's a Ride Home, Ride Out, or Cruisin' to a Ball Court to Ball Up for Revenge, you'll find s2 Nati and Real Composition Personifying it into Music.


Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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