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About Real Composition

Real Composition Wolf Logo
s2 Nati All White Portrait


The Name to the Crew, REAL COMPOSITION


Real Composition was Founded by s2 Nati [Estoo Ansay], a Hip Hop Artist, Singer, and Music Producer.

It is a group comprised of s2 Nati’s friends that help him with Video Shoots, Photography, Planning, and just Music in general.

Real Composition’s main image is a group that focuses on Making Music from Songs to Cruise to, all the way to Music to Ride Out.

Real Composition’s Music progresses from Deep Songs to Rise Up, Rowdy Vibes to Ball Up, Fun Songs to Celebrate, up to Chill Songs to Cruise Home.


The Works of Art


S2 Nati makes his own Hip Hop/R&B Beats for him to Rap or Sing over with lyrics that he writes himself. He does the Sound Engineering behind his Songs and has them all over the Music Streaming Platform services.

You can find his songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and almost anywhere else you can think of [Not to mention, you can find all his music on his Real Composition Website,].

Teamwork Production

As a Producer that does all the Musical Works in his own songs, he does respect other producers’ work, knowing that every producer has their own sound. With other producers having different unique sounds, it’s only natural that there are Beats that Catch s2’s Ear.

There are times that s2 Nati collabs with other Producers using their beats on his songs.

His Favorite of his Producer Collabs is his song, “Be My Girl,” with the beat produced by Fortem.

One good song that s2 Collaborated with a Friend in is “High Rise" featuring Wonheart, a friend of s2 Nati that’s been there through a lot. The beat was produced by Othello Beats.

That said, s2 not only collaborates with Producers, but also other artists, including his friends within Real Composition [Wonheart being the first of Real Composition to Collaborate with s2 Nati].

Featuring the Crew


S2 Nati’s first Artist collaboration is with his hometown day one friend, J-Geezy. They both laid vocals on s2’s song, “Now you Know,” from his first album, “Rigid Tears.”

J-Geezy isn’t officially a part of Real Composition, as he has a brand of his own in BSGC [Black Star Gold Coast], though he was and is always welcome within Real Composition.

Him and s2 Nati grew up together like brothers roaming the streets of G-Town before they were even able to drive.

They set out on foot with some other Day One Friends and always tried to find a way to just chill. The jokes and laughs where what it was about, and there are plenty of stories of the crazy adventures the crew had in G-Town.

Kept together through music, the brotherhood of s2 Nati and J-Geezy, Real Composition and BSGC, is a flame that puts fire into any sound they spit and beat they play.


Now, in s2 Nati’s latest project, J-Geezy will return for a couple features on s2’s Album, “Don’t Let ‘Em In.”

With a few unreleased songs up in the vault, Wonheart will be making a return, with the reveal of their friend in a new track soon to come.


The Neighborhood of Origin


Real Composition is based in Surrey, British Columbia, on the West Side of Canada.

It is a city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, somewhere on the side across the bridges in the Greater Vancouver Area.

The Hometown of Real Composition in this City is G-Town, officially known as Guildford. Though, through time and growth, the crew can be found all over the city, and the lower mainland in general.

Wherever they may go, the heart of their origins is always going to be G-Town, the land they were they all met, the land s2 Nati Grew Up.


The Start of the Journey


Real Composition was founded by s2 Nati in 2017, though originally with the name “Klhoudnine Soundrio.”

Somewhere during 2020, s2’s good friend [who will remain undisclosed] helped him out with a new name to the crew.

“Real Composition” was the name that stood out above all they came up with, and it was the best one out of all the available choices. Within that year, s2 Nati officially named this Music Brand “Real Composition.”

Though undisclosed, this friend that named Real Composition will always be appreciated by s2 Nati and Real Composition, like a big sister to the crew.

Where it Started


Though the Brand was founded in 2017, s2 is no newcomer to music production.

He started by writing lyrics to Youtube beats since 2006, with his first verse inspired by what he went through in the ball team. Eventually it lead up to him rising up to be respected on the court.

Then in 2007, his classmate would show him songs through MSN Messenger by the legend Nas, and many other OG Lyricists.

With s2’s respect for Hip Hop, he was able to appreciate the flow of all these Great Artists, and his classmate saw this and had a suggestion.

First Ink


S2 Nati’s classmate, and friend, suggested that he write some lyrics while he’s listening to some of these songs.

Then, s2 Nati created his first bar,

“I take tokes ‘til the roaches couldn’t walk no more.”

That instantly led to one of s2’s after school pastimes being Writing Lyrics on his computer, listening to the Legendary Artists of his era.

Song of Beginnings


Starting 2017, s2 Nati had access to making beats of his own and started recording songs to his beats. Then, with the help of producers, s2 also made songs over his first Producer Collab with Legion Beats.

His first Banger with them was his song “Remember You,” Produced by none other than Legion Beats.

All his friends really loved this song and bumped it all summer, and even all year long.

It’s a song that will always be in Real Composition’s hearts.


Real Composition’s Mission


The Mission that Real Composition works and fights for is to create music for the world to hear, to Influence a Ride to the Sunrise and overcome any challenges that may come in life.

Everyone goes through some things, but none of us in this world need to be alone. Music can be the only company one wants to enjoy sometimes.

When you find that song to relate to, somehow you just feel better like your feelings have been expressed, and you know you’re not alone with someone out there in this world that feels the same way. Music helped each one of Real Composition’s people, so they want to try to do the same for anyone else they can.

Influence of Music


Real Composition wants to help the world through influence through their music. Virtually everyone listens to music in one way or another, and Real Composition’s Music tends to have the influence of Overcoming Life’s Challenges.

Though there is another way Real Composition wants to help the world.


Producers of Artists

For any Hip Hop or R&B Artists out there, Real Composition makes beats for the world to hop on and make a song of their own.

Real Composition has a catalogue of Free Beats, and Exclusive Beats to use like their own.

It’s Real Composition’s Obligation to the Music Community to provide Easily Accessible Exclusive Beats for Any Artist around the world to hop on and put fire to the track.

Final Regards


Whether it’s to make songs for the world to hear, or to provide the sound for artists to sing over, Real Composition aims to help the world through music.

Everyone is welcome to their sound, and s2 Nati will gladly give you something to hear on your cruise through whatever road you’re facing.

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