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Welcome to Real Composition, a Music Crew founded by Io Estoo Nati.

How it Started

Real Composition started with Io Estoo Nati's dream of making his own musical songs. He's always loved music since he could even remember, and he's capable of remembering things since he was three years old... [Not all, but a lot...]

One early aged night in Estoo's life, he turned on the radio sitting on the carpet of an apartment floor. Estoo tuned into where it said 100 FM, and somehow, there was a rock song playing on that channel. This was about 1997-2000 or somewhere in between, once upon a time... when Estoo was only 6...

The end of what seemed to be the second verse was where it started playing on Estoo's family's radio. The chorus was just around the corner, and Estoo was ready...

Estoo Nati listened to the chorus word for word, note for note, and as soon as the singer was about to say "One," Estoo was already singing it with him fully singing, "One in a million!"

It seemed as if Io Estoo Nati somewhat understood and felt music at an early age [Estoo's father played his guitar almost every day at home at some point, as Estoo's father was part of the church choir, and also played guitar in prayer group meetings with the church community. Estoo was literally around music all his life!!]

Genre in Practice

While mainly skilled in Rap, Io Estoo Nati get's a lot of life influences from RnB music. He always says, "It's funner to sing along than rap along to songs, unless you're rapping along to something like a Nas song, Freddie Gibbs or somethin' of the sort. Someone with a crazy [and]/or fun rap flow."


Many of Estoo Nati's influences are from singing vocalists as opposed to straight rap vocals, but don't get it misunderstood, growing up from Elementary throughout and enhanced in High School, Estoo listened to a lot of Nas, Royce da 5'9, Eminem, Jay Z, 2pac, Biggie, Rakim, Wu Tang, and a lot of other OG Hip Hop Artists. While claiming that Estoo Nati get's most his influence from RnB, him being Mainly Skilled in Rap comes from this background of past music catalogue; Estoo learned how to rap bars growing up listening to OG Rappers while singing along to RnB in his life along the way.

His aim is to rap bars but in a melody, which as it is not something new to the world, it is his favorite type of music [when melodic vocals are singing but singing bars at the same time]. This really shows learning Estoo's all time favourite rapper, Bizzy Bone!! Of course, he loved listening to the rest of Bone Thugs N Harmony as well, some of the OGs of rapping in a melody!! This comes with influence that shows in his early songs, where Estoo Nati raps decently fast in mostly all of his older songs. He started to have more of a melodic vocal as he progressed as a musical artist.

Main Skillset

Lyrics became like speaking for Estoo, as long as he has something to say, he can write a bar without having to ponder per say. The pondering is mostly trying to figure out what to say next, which is something Estoo has learned to overcome for the most part.

Nothing really hindering to his writing as much as it is the "thinking part" of his song writing. It's imaginable that every [or most] song writer has multiple "5 second" thinking breaks where they're not writing for many reasons as or other than thinking of what to say.


We've talked about Estoo's musical influences, but what about his Inspirations?

What inspires Estoo to make a song is a strong feeling he had for someone very important to him. While not trying to be direct by trying to send messages, Estoo's feelings for her inspires him to have something to talk about in a song.

Everyone on Earth knows that a lot of Rap and Hip Hop talks about gangster things but Estoo never saw himself as a gangster. Him rapping like a street guy would be complete cap, so what he does write about is life experiences (though some seeming violent, this next point will explain that), basketball war stories, and what influences him the most, the girl that stole his heart.

Signature Sound

Most of Estoo's songs are about his feelings towards his heart thief, and he's come up with many cruise and jammable tunes out of that feeling. Many catchy and many deep, Estoo Nati has grown into the Semi Melodic rapper that he is today because of his feelings for this girl giving him passion when he sings on the mic. You could say this girl indirectly pushed Estoo's musical talent into growth and progression. His musical creations out of this were too good to not share to the world, hense his EP, 'Show the World,' as 5 out of the 6 songs are for his crush, 3 being happy fun songs while 2 being more deep in feeling. The outcast of this EP shares the same name as the Mini Album, 'Show the World,' and it is a basketball beef type of song. The reason for Estoo's respect in this world is because of his kindness, and if ever he had to roll out, he'd keep that type of energy on the court and just murk his checks with the ball. These are what Estoo's main musical content consist of.


Estoo wanted to get serious about making music, so he decided to register an offical brand name, the Music Crew to Be.

The first name for Estoo's brand was "Klhoudnine Soundrio." It didn't suite the image enough as it is mostly for looks of all the letters. All the letters did was make the spelling unrecognizable.

One day, a friend of Estoo Nati said they'd help make a name for Estoo's music brand. Estoo sees this friend like a sibling of his own. After a couple to few names tested and searched, a few decent and a few wished for, everything was already taken. After a short pause, Estoo's friend thought of "Real Composition."

Right away Estoo looked it up... It wasn't taken, and the website, realcomposition.com, wasn't taken either!!

Estoo quickly bought the domain, and the rest was history.

Now Estoo has multiple songs on streaming and digital music platforms, Beats under his Real Composition brand, and the name "Real Composition" registered as a business officially!! Business Number and everything!!

Grown to Become

Estoo has come a long way since he started making songs, with his second song he made ever, "Ride Out," becoming a "Homie Favourite," while all his friends loved it and even bumped it hard on Sound Cloud and Youtube!! Now having songs like "Remember You," "Ride with Me," and a more recent, "Be my Girl," Io Estoo Nati has really progressed into something more mature of a skill with the experiences he's had making music. He does the Vocal Recordings, Lyrics, and more often than not in this new age, makes his own beats [if a purchased beat wasn't chosen by Estoo for that song, he makes his own], and even does the Sound Engineering in Mixing and Mastering, all himself!! Literally all he needs to make a song is... well.. something to say. And with all the experiences he's been through, he's got a lot of that.. !!

Thanks for being here, being a part of his journey. There's a lot more to come so stay tuned and keep in touch for what's in store!!

No really, keep in touch below if you wanna hit the laboratory!! Hit us up if you're looking for a collaboration. >=)

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