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Check out Real Composition's beats depending on which beat license you're looking for. There's many beats for artists to lease, but the treasure of these beats is the Exclusive Beats!!

Check them out if you're into being the only artist/label with that beat. Though, if you want the best bang for your buck, the beast in  in "Beats Leases" or "Track Outs/Stems" might be a good choice for you.

All beats in Real Composition's catalogue are 100% Royalty Free and allow Unlimited Revenue from streams, downloads, and/or hard copies of the tracks you make!!

And what more the Exclusive Beats, being exclusive and all!!​

Music recording

Exclusive Beats

Each Exclusive Beat is a 1 stock product, meaning that for each beat, only one artist/label may order per beat, so you can guarantee that no one else will ever have the beat before you, and definitely not after you!! 


Here's some FREE BEATS with No Tag throughout the whole track!! Perfect to sound more personalized when you make a song with these UNLIMITED LICENSED beats.

Female Music Artist
Music Recording

Track Outs/Stems

To further personalize your tracks with Real Composition beats, try these Track Out/Stems Beat Leases!!

If you have a sound engineer, or are one yourself, fit your vocals nicely with these Beat Track Outs/Stems.

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