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End a Fire, Ignite a Flame

"Go and get it or somebody gonna get it if you don't"

-Tsu Surf, "Killing Me" Time cuts thin to accomplish my goal, a personal mission. I have until the next month to meet my target, but I haven't been talking lately. Maybe it's time to speak up. Waste no more time letting a fire rise for minutes, to be there where the real breath of fresh air lies. 1:00 am, Monday, June 13th, 2022... the flame's put out... An unrestrained sound bounces so hot, a New Fire is Lit to burn wherever the sound can be heard. I can breath... time to go home... Everyone's waiting, with a sound to bring of their own. It's about time I answer my phone... Whether it's to ride chasing sundown or to be vibing out at full throttle, It's still gonna end off with a celebration, and close with the cruise home. While We Ride to the Sunrise.

Without further delay, I’m Sounding Off the Music from this point on!! I’m starting with my next single,

“Sunrise,” the Summer Cruise Music of this Redemption Year.

If I’m making it back to the city, I’m bringing you with me, to take you back to yours and Rep your Town this summer, Cruisin’ Through facing Sunrise.

If there’s a voice out there that can coexist with the Sound of my Beats, let this world cross our paths and Play Our Music Side by Side.

With this day as my turn around, there won’t be time for sleep… Everything is being set up as we speak…

Consider this the NIGHT of the START, the END of what’s NOT.

Everything Officially Starts at Dawn, and I’m ending some fires to Make Way for the True Flame..

This night is my challenge. It’s a Three Stage Plan.

Stage 1:

Process a Beat

Stage 2:

One Lesson Chapter

Stage 2.5:

Blog Post/Media Updates

Stage 3:

Return to Stage One

There’s no Quota, but the challenge is to make the most progress in Four Hours.

Then, it’s time to Ride to the Sunrise…

“Sunrise” drops on Saturday, June 18th, 2022.

Catch it here on the Real Composition Website to see which Streaming Platforms where you can hear it.

My Beat’s will have a Significant Update, so Stay Tuned, We’ll Keep in Touch.

Sige, sige,

I’ll get back to you in a bit,

-s2 Nati

Sunrise - s2 Nati | Real Composition

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