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Time has Passed

It's been a few years since I've started Real Composition. From Website Updates to website revamps, a Beat Store Launch and back to just making music, my Music Adventure has come a long way. Music isn't just my hobby anymore, it's literally what I do... Website Renovation I recently Renovated the Real Composition Website!! This "update" was so heavy, it was almost a revamp!! The only thing stopping me from calling it that is it was mostly reorganization.

This New Organization makes the site more welcoming, user friendly, and lacks dead ends. They say a website is like a Home on the Internet, so you need to make the house hospitable. That pushed me to Renovate the Website, and I'm proud of the results. Beats for the World I recently launched my beat store. It was like other beat stores with a catalogue of licensed beats. Although, my Real Service has recently just launched, Fully Exclusive Beats!! As an artist I know the Importance of Beats in a Song, the first sound you hear that can Make or Break it for an artist. Being a New Artist then, I did make my own beats, but I wasn’t the best compared to writing. I searched for beats and came across Legion Beats and quickly made songs to Show the World. Their beats are fire, and my songs I made with them can be called the same, with a big part of that because of these amazing beats!! I have respect for the Producer Game and understand why it is the way it is, but the New Artist me wished I was the only one with the beats in my songs. Having respect for the music scene, I accepted the fact that other artists made songs to similar beats and continued making music. But I never stopped learning to make beats. Big News, Grand Opening Over the years I learned a lot about Making Beats and Sound Engineering, enough to launch a beat store!! But that's not the Big News I'm here to share... I recently just launched a Catalogue of Exclusive Beats!! These Exclusive Beats are only available for One Artist/Label per Beat!! Artists are guaranteed that only they will be allowed to make songs with the beat(s) they choose. For the price we're giving these beats for, artists are sure to be given the value of Exclusivity with Quality Produced Beats!! The only thing to lose is to not grab the beat you want before someone else does, since only one artist per beat is allowed to order.

Passed Time to a New Beginning With more reasons to be on my website, it's my obligation to make it as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. See for yourself!! Check out the beats and Freestyle or Listen to my Music ranging from Ride Out songs to Cruise music. And let's not forget my Ball Up type music.

Ball Up on the court 'til you Ball Out with the trophy!!


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